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Saturday, February 23, 2019

1992-93 Pro Set

Ahhhhhhh Pro Set. It's the final release of this brand, the brand that got me into collecting. At a whopping 8000 20-box cases and 2000 20-jumbo cases, it's safe to say that this product is overprinted. 

The 270 base cards set was supposed to have a series 2, but was never released. Bure was number 192 in this set, just before Kirk McLean, who had a signed version numbered to 1000. 

My scanner doesn't work anymore, so I had to improvise! 

Bure appears on a couple of inserts. The first is the award winner, where he captured the Calder trophy. 

Inserted at a rate of 1 per jumbo pack, the team leaders featured leading scorers in the Campbell division. 

The last one is the rookie goal leaders. Inserted as the number 2, just after Tony Amonte, who was the leading scorer with 35. Bure was one shy of tying him (34).

The trio of inserts!

So this is it folks! Tell me if you like the new setup for taking pictures, my scanner doesn't work anymore!


Thursday, January 3, 2019

My bucket list for 2019

Hello fellow collectors. Happy New Year! Hope you guys had fun and spent good times with friends and family drinking and celebrating the arrival of 2019.

Sorry for the long hiatus, I was neglecting the blog for the last few months. I have a pretty solid reason though. Let me explain.

Last October, I switch my job in marketing for a comeback in journalism (it's my field of study). So my job is, obviously, writing stories about what's going on in my region. And when I got home after a day of work, I lack a bit of motivation to write again for the blog.

Sorry guys. You are not a lot reading this blog, but the regular ones are staying with me since the beginning, and I abandoned you. I feel guilty.

In 2019, one of my resolutions is to keep alimenting this blog as often as I could. Because I love writing and exchanging with you guys. We are a fun community!

While celebrating in a chalet with no Internet connection, I asked myself what are my goals, my bucket list for my collection this year. I came up with 5, so here goes :

It's not a real one, just a regular Bauer Supreme from the 90's that I snagged for 20 bucks, just for the name on it!

1- Hit the 1900 cards in my collection

As I write this entry, I'm at 1731, so it's not that impossible. 2000 will be too hard, and 1800 will be too easy. I'm only 71 away from that goal. I have a lot of base and low inserts I need to grab, so if I'm focusing on them, it's a reachable goal.

2- Finish years 1994-95 and 1995-96

I only need two from 1994-95 and three from 1995-96. They are not that hard to find, but hard at a reasonable price. I have found some of these five on the net, but one is not surfacing: the 1994-95 Stadium Club Dynasty and Dynasty Members Only. If you have it, let's talk! 😂

3- Reach 50 autographed cards

Surprisingly, I have nearly 40 autographed cards of Bure. I didn't know until I inventoried my cards. I just bought a new one yesterday, so a dozen until December is a very reachable objective. 

4- Have a tag card

Of all the "game worn" piece of equipment companies put on cards, a tag is the only piece I didn't have in my collection. They are rare and expensive though, but if one appears at a good price, I might be tempted to get it! 

5- Possess a real game-used equipment

It's literally one of my dreams. Be in possession of a game-used jersey, gloves, stick, skates is something I need in my collection, and need to be framed in my man cave!

That's it guys, here's my top 5 bucket list for my collection for 2019. And you, what is your bucket list for this year? Let me know in the comments section below! 

Monday, October 8, 2018

International des collectionneurs finds and the 1700th card!

It's a bit late for a Sunday talk, but let's say we are Sunday. 

This weekend was the International des collectionneurs, a card show that unfortunately wasn't the same as his early days. I think it was my third trip and as always, I cannot wait to dig boxes of cards to find new Bures.

I spent 4 hours there and eventually find some new cards for the collection. Thanks to the 2-3 new faces though, because otherwise, I'll be home empty-handed.

You see, the International isn't the card show of his early days. It's always the same people, with the same stock. Nothing new, except the new Tim Horton set. It's kind of sad, because it's the only card show, with the Anti-Expo, in the Montreal area.

Here are my finds at the International
Anyway, it was fun. Met a bunch of people. Talk to them about the hobby and what they collect. 

But the highlight is surely my 1700th Bure card in the collection!!!

And this week, it's the Anti-Expo, and it's gonna be big! Indeed, Upper Deck and COMC will be there, so I expect many new shop and fresh inventory! 


Sunday, September 2, 2018

Sunday talk #5 : My never-ending thirst for knowledge of hockey cards

While writing this article on my chair in front of my computer, I looked at the Excel spreadsheet of my list of cards of Pavel Bure and I thought "Man, I spend a ton of hours building that list". And folks, that's true. 

3358 entries later, while I just inserted the 2018-19 Upper Deck MVP Buyback into the list, I was impressed by the amount of time I search the confines of the Internet for every bit of information around cards that I didn't exist. And still today, I found some oddballs and parallels I wasn't aware of and on the counter hand, I thought some cards existed but weren't after some verifications. 

When I was a kid and didn't have any computer, I first started my by hand, writing down every card I found on the paper version of Beckett. Boy, It was a painful task, but I managed to get through. It's probably the biggest project I finished in my whole life, no joking. 

When my parents bought a computer for our school homework, I transcripted my list on a Word file. A couple of months later, when they decided that we need the Internet, I stumbled upon the online checklist version of the Beckett.

Well, it was eye-opening.

Although Bure was listed quite often in the early versions of the Beckett, he was later listed as an "unlisted star", so I missed quite a bunch of his cards. So I updated my list with all the new entries and decided, after seeing a lot of oddballs, that I put them in another list. 

Years passed and someday while stopping at my LCS, he had copies of the Charlton standard catalogue of hockey cards. Well known for their work with Canadian coins, it was a monstrous bible of every single card ever produced, from team sets to oddballs, magazine, food companies, as well as every major card companies from 1879 to present. It was at a whopping 45$ back in 2003. Too bad they didn't produce them anymore, the last edition was printed in 2005, two years later.

The infamous Charlton standard catalogue. It was the 13th edition in 2003

In that book, I found a pile of new cards and parallels, well explained in the description before the checklist of the set. It was my new go-to checklist, except for the price, which doesn't reflect the real market in my opinion. Still today, I checked some information when I'm doubtful about something. 

After that, I search the Web for other Pavel Bure collectors. I found some with a dedicated website about their collection, which was very helpful. I was able to see pictures of cards I've never seen before, as well as new entries for my checklist. Unfortunately, all these sites are shut down now, they were 10 years old. Maybe these collectors moved on with their collection. 

When I came back into collecting 3 years ago, I was a decade behind with my checklist. She was outdated and I decided to build it from scratch with everything that I have in hands. From retrieving my previous list, my Charlton catalogue and Beckett, I type my checklist all the way to 2015. Then I discover new websites that help me a lot with obscure set and parallels: Trading Card Database, Cardboard Connection, Sports Card Forum and COMC. But the biggest on them all is eBay. On this site, I found countless oddballs and variations it was crazy.

But the premise of this article is my never-ending quest for knowledge of the hobby and the world of hockey cards. For three years, I have a routine to check all these websites above, in search of new additions to my collection, but to find some undiscovered Pavel Bure cards. And I do this every. Single. Day. 

Maybe it's a disease, but for me, it's time well spent. I'm more aware of my collection and what I need. I have stories of how they were made, and when other Bure collectors went for me to seek answers about some parallels and I can help them, I feel great. Probably I'll never stop my thirst for knowledge because we never know when you'll unearth new cards! 


Tuesday, August 7, 2018

A nice gesture from Kin Kinsley

The hockey card world never ceases to amaze me.

Let me give you another reason why the hobby is the best in the world and let me talk about Kin Kinsley.

Kin is one of my earliest follower on Twitter. I really enjoy his blog (Bean's Ballcard Blog), where I find some very interesting articles. He was one of my earliest here on this blog too and even if he doesn't know me, he was very supportive, saying that my "passion for the hobby is beautiful to see". 

One day in early May, he posted about a Pavel Bure card that I have, but was very damaged. I purchased my 1998-99 Donruss Elite Promo in a yard sale, along with a bunch of cards for 2$, but all the corners were dinged. 

And he even put some extras! 

I replied to his post saying that his copy was way better than mine, and he says that he will keep up with me. Two weeks ago, he popped on my dm and say "Was about to send this out, but still don't have your address". 

And he didn't ask anything in return.

Yesterday, I received a package from the United-States. I opened it without remebering that I purchased a card from the US and it was his package, along with bases of Bure. This package put a big smile on my face. 

This simple gesture gave me faith in humanity and in the hobby. They're still some very nice people on this planet. And Kin is one of them. Be sure to give a follow on his Twitter account (just click on the link above) and on his website

Thank you Kin, I owe you one! 


Sunday, July 1, 2018

Sunday talk #4 : Buying a box... or a pc card?

The big dilemma.

A couple of days ago, I came to my local card store to buy some goodies for my collection: toploaders, sleeves,  team bags and some one touches. While patiently waiting for my turn, I checked the boxes on the shelves and realized...

Damn it's expensive. 

And it's frustrating at times. Like all collectors, I love ripping packs of a brand new product. But I feel sometimes guilty to spend the 1/3 of my weekly pay for 10 minutes of fun. Because with companies reducing the number of cards per packs and packs per box, that's what it's gonna take you to rip them all.

Five seconds for an Upper Deck Black, and it'll cost you 140$. 

I know, the thrill of finding a big card of a legend, a star or a rookie worth collecting is very cool. But on the other hand, it's a very gambling move. And more often than not, you'll be left with 20-30$ worth of money. 

So the big question: buying a box or buying a pc card?

For me the answer is simple: always a pc card. Usually, I'm able to find every card of Bure in a specific set for less than the price of the box. For me, it's a win. The only downside is trading because I don't have traders.

I'm always tempted to buy boxes, but the voice in my head tells me it's not worth it. Sure, when I see someone pulling a fantastic card out of his box, I'm happy for him and sometimes jealous, but hey, he just spends 400$, let him have some luck! 😂

And you guys, are you more of wax ripper or a card spender? Let me know in the comments below!


Saturday, May 26, 2018

1992-93 Pinnacle

Thank you, Pinnacle cards, to let myself be able to distinguish easily the French and the English version of your 1992-93 set.

That being said (thanks to Jimmy Fallon for the idea), the 1992-93 Pinnacle, consisting of 420 standard-size cards, is simple to draw a distinction between the English and the bilingual French version: they don't have the same photo! 

What a treat! 

1992-93 Pinnacle French and English #110
Indeed, the French version depicts Bure in his black Vancouver jersey, while the English version has Bure in his white Canuck sweater. On the back, each version has his proper colors, (respectively magenta and teal). 
These colors came in handy to distinguish the Team Pinnacle insert, because it has no text in this set. According to Score, the odds of finding one is 1:125 packs! The cards were designed by the artist Christopher Greco. 

1992-93 Pinnacle Team Pinnacle French and English #4
Lastly, Team 2000 cards were randomly inserted at a rate of 2:27 super pack. Pinnacle keep the same pattern of his base set by producing a black and white jersey version for the French and English version. 

1992-93 Pinnacle Team 2000 French and English #8
That's it guys! Hope you'll have a great day!