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Sunday, July 1, 2018

Sunday talk #4 : Buying a box... or a pc card?

The big dilemma.

A couple of days ago, I came to my local card store to buy some goodies for my collection: toploaders, sleeves,  team bags and some one touches. While patiently waiting for my turn, I checked the boxes on the shelves and realized...

Damn it's expensive. 

And it's frustrating at times. Like all collectors, I love ripping packs of a brand new product. But I feel sometimes guilty to spend the 1/3 of my weekly pay for 10 minutes of fun. Because with companies reducing the number of cards per packs and packs per box, that's what it's gonna take you to rip them all.

Five seconds for an Upper Deck Black, and it'll cost you 140$. 

I know, the thrill of finding a big card of a legend, a star or a rookie worth collecting is very cool. But on the other hand, it's a very gambling move. And more often than not, you'll be left with 20-30$ worth of money. 

So the big question: buying a box or buying a pc card?

For me the answer is simple: always a pc card. Usually, I'm able to find every card of Bure in a specific set for less than the price of the box. For me, it's a win. The only downside is trading because I don't have traders.

I'm always tempted to buy boxes, but the voice in my head tells me it's not worth it. Sure, when I see someone pulling a fantastic card out of his box, I'm happy for him and sometimes jealous, but hey, he just spends 400$, let him have some luck! 😂

And you guys, are you more of wax ripper or a card spender? Let me know in the comments below!


Saturday, May 26, 2018

1992-93 Pinnacle

Thank you, Pinnacle cards, to let myself be able to distinguish easily the French and the English version of your 1992-93 set.

That being said (thanks to Jimmy Fallon for the idea), the 1992-93 Pinnacle, consisting of 420 standard-size cards, is simple to draw a distinction between the English and the bilingual French version: they don't have the same photo! 

What a treat! 

1992-93 Pinnacle French and English #110
Indeed, the French version depicts Bure in his black Vancouver jersey, while the English version has Bure in his white Canuck sweater. On the back, each version has his proper colors, (respectively magenta and teal). 
These colors came in handy to distinguish the Team Pinnacle insert, because it has no text in this set. According to Score, the odds of finding one is 1:125 packs! The cards were designed by the artist Christopher Greco. 

1992-93 Pinnacle Team Pinnacle French and English #4
Lastly, Team 2000 cards were randomly inserted at a rate of 2:27 super pack. Pinnacle keep the same pattern of his base set by producing a black and white jersey version for the French and English version. 

1992-93 Pinnacle Team 2000 French and English #8
That's it guys! Hope you'll have a great day!


Tuesday, May 22, 2018

1992-93 Parkhurst

Strangely, Parkhurst was a tough set to finish, simply because I'm north of the border.

The 1992-93 Parkhurst was split in two set of 240 standard-size cards. The first three of this set was easy to find, but the update was painful to obtain. That's because the update was only inserted in the US and never cross the border, only by trade or by purchasing it.

1992-93 Parkhurst #188. 234, 460 and the update (506)
It took me a while to finally be able to find one at a decent price. The update is fairly cheap (25 cents) and I wasn't able to find it cheap. But I managed to buy it in a lot, so I saved on shipping, even though I paid a bit more than the actual price. Whatever, I'm a compulsive buyer, so when it was the only one I need to complete the year, you buy it, whatever the cost. 

The Emerald Ice parallel was a bit tougher to pull together, especially the update. The normal one was hard to track, imagine the Emerald Ice! One day, while browsing the net, I stumble upon one. So I jumped on it!

1992-93 Parkhurst Emerald Ice #188. 234, 460 and the update (506)
I remember that this set was my second contact with hockey cards, after Pro Set. When I started collecting Bure, I sorted my entire collection to see if I have some. The results were good : 21 cards, but 6 of the Parkhurst #234! 😂

Anyways, glad that this set is behind me now!

Monday, April 30, 2018

Today in Bure's career #1 : The playoff goal vs the Flames

Twenty-four years ago today, Pavel Bure scored what I think is the biggest goal of his career. 

The Canucks faced the Calgary Flames in the first round of the 1994 Stanley Cup playoffs. The rivalry between the two clubs was established for a couple of years now, and it showed on the ice. 

Vancouver won the first match-up 5-0 at the Saddledome, but lose the next three (7-5, 4-2 and 3-2). Down 3-1 in the series, the Canucks managed to force game 7 with two victories in overtime. Geoff Courtnall scores the first one in game 5, and Trevor Linden scored the other one in game 6.

April 30th, 1994, the decisive game between the two rivals took place at the Saddledome, in Calgary. Theoren Fleury breaks the ties and put the Flames on board, but Bure, on the powerplay, and Courtnall gave Vancouver the lead after 20 minutes of play.

The second period was all about the Flames, Ronnie Stern and Fleury, with his second of the game, found the back of the net. 3-2 Calgary after two.

Greg Adams force the overtime late in the 3rd period. After a scoreless 1st period of overtime, this happened: 

The rest is history. I still get goosebumps when I checked from time to time the video.


Sunday, April 29, 2018

Sunday talk #3 : The problem with new collectors

Sorry for ranting again, but this has to go off of me...

I think that today, it is pretty much tougher to trade with collectors, especially those who start in the hobby and the young collectors.  

Why? Because they only see 2 things: money and profitable players that can lead to money.

Let me explain. Last week, I saw in a post in one of the groups I follow on Facebook a little insert of Bure, the kind of insert that cost less than the envelope and the stamp on it. I was like "meh, I don't care, this trade will give me a positive feedback in the group, so it's worth it".

Talking back and forth with the owner, I told him what he collects. Who you said? Well, you guess it: McDavid, Matthews, Barzal, Boeser and Laine. So here's a snippet of my conversation with him:

- Ok, but base on the price, the only card I can give you for this one is some bases, because its worth nothing. I can add more if you want though, that's not a problem for me. But an insert at 12$ when the card worth 1$, I think this trade is one-sided.

- No, I want that insert.

- Yeah...no, that's not gonna happen. An insert of them cost way more than this one. Bases equal the value of that card. It's not a problem for me to send you some, but no inserts, sorry. I'll keep them for bigger trades.

-Ok then, no trade, you piece of s*it.

And he ends the conversation. I was flabbergasted. 

Another thing; they changed their player collection so often it pisses me off. I know someone who literally changes his collection 5 TIMES over the course of the season, pretexting things like "Everybody collects him now", "he costs WAY too much",  "this player is better than him, so I collect him now!"

And he his pretty aggressive in his research. He comments on every post to see if the guy have what he collects, he himself post every day telling people he collects those players. Seriously, it's exasperating.   

But the quintessence is this; I even saw new collectors asking who are the cheapest players to collect right now but can be profitable in the future and what's the best boxes to buy with the only objective of getting big hits.

Seriously? What happened to the fun of collecting? You clearly don't understand the essence of collecting dear friend.

I picked Bure because he gave me chills each time he touches the puck. The way he loved the game, the way he wanted to score every single time. I couldn't care less if he is collected by an army of die-hard fans, that he his expensive in the hobby...

I picked him because I loved the player. And I'm gonna die with him.

I don't know... Before starting a collection, I think you should ask yourself some questions: How many cards does he have? Is he affordable for my budget? Do I love seeing him play? If you answer yes to these questions, you have yourself the player you need to collect! 

I think today every collector just saw the dollar sign at the end of the card. I saw many collectors being down just because he didn't get a Boeser, McDavid, Matthews, Barzal or a Laine in their boxes, even though he didn't collect him. COME ON MAN! 

Collecting should be a fun hobby, not a business. If you rip packs just to make a profit on your purchase, you didn't choose the right pastime. I rip boxes and sometimes hit nothing, but I don't cry in a corner! I was thrilled to open packs, and maybe I'll be able to help a fellow collector finishing his set or send him cards he didn't have of his player! That's the essence of collecting! 

Also, I know that's not the case of everyone. But it's a common thing among collectors. Last week at the Anti-Expo, I saw REAL collectors. The kind of collectors that went there, checking all the booths in the hope of crossing some of their list, which they bring. 

But you know what? Who do you think they bring at the expo? You guessed it right again: McDavid, Barzal, Laine, Matthews and Boeser, plus Lemieux, Gretzky, Roy, Brodeur and Habs player. I don't blame them though, that's the way the hobby is right now and they need to put bread and butter on their table too...

Ok, I feel better now.

Happy Sunday everybody, and happy collecting! 😊


Saturday, April 28, 2018

1992-93 OPC Premier

This time, this is definitely the first insert in this blog from the Russian Rocket.

The 1992-93 OPC Premier didn't have a Bure base card out of his 132 standard-size cards set. BUT, he appeared in the Star Performers set. Randomly inserted at a ratio of 8:9 packs (yeah, what a thrill), the other one being the Top Rookie set, the card looks like a lot to the base set. The only difference is the Star Performer sign at the top. 

1992-93 OPC Premier Star Performers #10
Not much to say after that!


Monday, April 23, 2018

Anti-Expo pickups

So last weekend was the biggest trading card exposition in Montreal; the Anti-Expo in the gymnasium of the Collège André-Grasset. It's always in late April with more than a hundred of booths (120 to be precise) and it's for all kind of collectors; team and set builders, autographs enthusiasms, vintage fanatics and player supercollectors, like me.

Me and one of my best friend went there on a beautiful Sunday morning, to see what we can find. He's an avid Anthony Beauviller collector, so we were ecstatic to search in every box, looking to add some pieces in our collections.

Ironically, it was our first experience at the Anti-Expo. We went to smaller venues like the Salon des collectionneurs, but we weren't able to in the past two years to be present at the Anti-Expo, so our expectations were high.

And for me, it delivered.

Unfortunately for my collector partner, he quits the expo empty-handed, but I was able to find 11 new pieces for my collection. The first photo shows 9 of them. I was stocked to find some early 2000's Pacific inserts, and well as the 1995-96 SkyBox Impact Countdown to Impact. I just loved the design of the card! The others were a 1997-98 Pinnacle Mint with his gold medaillon, the new 2017-18 O-Pee-Chee Platinum Red Prism on /199 and the 2001-02 Upper Deck Collector Club and All-Star Class.

Some of my finds Sunday and the Anti-Expo! 
But two pieces stand out. That's why they have their own picture. The first one is a 1999-00 Pacific Crown Royale Premiere Date (the vendor actually have two in his possession), limited to only 73 copies. I picked the number 01/73! Also, it was the only one left for completing the rainbow! 

1999-00 Pacific Crown Royale Premiere Date
The other treasure found in this booth was a 2002-03 Upper Deck Superstars triple jersey on /250. It shows Bure with Jason Giambi of the New York Yankees and Latrell Sprewell of the New York Knicks.
2002-03 Upper Deck Superstars All-Stars Triple Jersey
But the quintessence of this day was to meet so many great people, passionate about the hobby. And I was able to meet one of my earliest follower on Twitter, Stephen (Stephler4). It was actually a funny story. I walked to his booth and just looking around. When he said to me what I collect, I have a vintage Bure t-shirt on, so I just turn around to show the name on the back of my shirt.

He said that he had no Bure cards for me, but knows someone on Twitter name Burefanatic10 who has an insane collection of him. I blushed and said that in fact... it was me! So we talked a few minutes about the others accounts on the Twittersphere we know and wanted to know if I'll be able to go at the Spring Expo in Toronto in two weeks.

Man, I wish could. But at this time, I can tell if I'm gonna be able to attend this monstrous show.

Anyways. Overall, it was a wonderful experience and I'll be there next year for sure! It's gonna bigger because the organization moves the exposition in a much spacier place for his 10th anniversary! 

Such a wonderful day!