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Monday, March 12, 2018

A nice gesture from Brett (and others too!)

Over the past years, I witnessed truly what really a hobby family is. 

Like I said in my previous article, more than a decade passed since I restarted collecting again. I remembered back then, I didn't feel the camaraderie between collectors. Everyone focuses on his collection and if you happen to share a player, team or set with someone else, it was the war to gain the missing pieces. The lure of profits floated in the air too.

Social media changes everything. Sure, it has his flaws, but in counterpart, some beautiful things happen in there. When I decided to start my Twitter account last April, I didn't know what to expect. I just wanted to share my passion for hockey cards and collecting. I was overwhelmed with the response.

In the first months of my journey, I started following people with great collection themselves. I was impressed by their dedication, but the support between collectors in the community is what it stroked me the most. Every time I posted a card saying that it was the missing piece for completing a rainbow or just a nice jersey or auto, they congratulate me on my addition! 

But the pinnacle is certainly making some new friends and the gift of sharing. I have no remorse coming into the world of social media. If you pay attention, you'll see some amazing persons. Let me introduce some.

The reason for this post, you guessed it, it's Brett (bamlinden on Twitter). He has a wonderful blog too, called My hockey card obsession (I suggest checking it while you're here!), where he posted about his fantastic Bure teammate from some years, Trevor Linden, as well as some subject about the hobby. Brett message me one time on Twitter, saying that if I have a checklist, he can check in his area for some Bure cards. Today, I received a package today with some cards I needed for my collection! He didn't want something in return, so I've decided to thank him this way! 

In addition to these cards, he writes a sweet word too! Thank you Brett!
The second person is Benn (Benn Mixer on Twitter). All the from England, he his a Bure collector too, and die-hard Flyers fan. He decided one day to reach me via message and demand me my list. He was able to find some cards from his doubles and send me for free. A few days ago, I posted my want list for 1994-95 cards and he personally gave me a card from his personal collection! I was speechless! 
As a token of my appreciation, I was able to find some Mike Richards signed cards, one of his favorite player while his passage in Philly. The simple gesture of giving back made me smile for an entire week! 

This is the first package Benn send me all away from England. Thank you Benn!
Lastly, I can't pass over Ed (EddyTee1968 on Twitter). This guy, more than a Ryan Kessler supercollector and fan of our deceased Expos, is hilarious and a great giver. If you don't follow him on Twitter, I'll suggest you do, you'll not be deceived! He sent me some Bure cards from his collection, as well as wonderful piece hanging proudly in my office, but this will be in another post! 

I have to thank him twice, so thanks Ed! 

With postal fees inscrease significantly on eBay, it's difficult for a Canadian collector to buy cards from the States (and because of our poor dollar). But with the help of my buddy AndroSFL, an Henrik Lunqvist auto collector, he shipped me cards he bought for me on eBay, and then shipped to me. He even send extras without demanding!

The Bure mask gold was my request, not the two others!
Lastly, I have some other people I want to mention here. Jeff (Jeff_thegreat1 on Twitter) his a Jimmy Vesey supercollector and a Ranger fanatic. He didn't call himself a "Rangerbug" for nothing! He sends me a nice package too, but unfortunately I didn't take a picture! By the way Jeff, I hope I'm gonna meet you in May at the Spring Expo in Toronto! 

A big thank you to Yuji (Eric88_Stack42 on Twitter), an Eric Lindros collector and Legions of Doom teammates, Mikael Renberg and John LeClair. He sent me all the way from Japan some sick Bure cards without checking the value of them. I can't thank him enough and I'm in big debt! I'll find some beautiful Lindros for you I promised!

And this is just the beginning! The community in the hockey world is a wonderful one, and I hope I'll gonna meet some new people and maybe be able to contribute to their collecting without asking anything in return just like all these amazing friends above! 

Stay classy everyone, and keep making this hobby beautiful.



  1. I just discovered the wonderful world of the NHL in November 2016, but I have also been on the receiving end of much kindness from my fellow collectors. It's so much fun, this part of the hobby will be with me the rest of my life.

    1. I know right? This is truly the essence of collecting. Seeing guys knocked off cards in their wantlist is so much rewarding!

  2. Works now! Looking forward to reading what you have to say!