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Sunday, April 29, 2018

Sunday talk #3 : The problem with new collectors

Sorry for ranting again, but this has to go off of me...

I think that today, it is pretty much tougher to trade with collectors, especially those who start in the hobby and the young collectors.  

Why? Because they only see 2 things: money and profitable players that can lead to money.

Let me explain. Last week, I saw in a post in one of the groups I follow on Facebook a little insert of Bure, the kind of insert that cost less than the envelope and the stamp on it. I was like "meh, I don't care, this trade will give me a positive feedback in the group, so it's worth it".

Talking back and forth with the owner, I told him what he collects. Who you said? Well, you guess it: McDavid, Matthews, Barzal, Boeser and Laine. So here's a snippet of my conversation with him:

- Ok, but base on the price, the only card I can give you for this one is some bases, because its worth nothing. I can add more if you want though, that's not a problem for me. But an insert at 12$ when the card worth 1$, I think this trade is one-sided.

- No, I want that insert.

- Yeah...no, that's not gonna happen. An insert of them cost way more than this one. Bases equal the value of that card. It's not a problem for me to send you some, but no inserts, sorry. I'll keep them for bigger trades.

-Ok then, no trade, you piece of s*it.

And he ends the conversation. I was flabbergasted. 

Another thing; they changed their player collection so often it pisses me off. I know someone who literally changes his collection 5 TIMES over the course of the season, pretexting things like "Everybody collects him now", "he costs WAY too much",  "this player is better than him, so I collect him now!"

And he his pretty aggressive in his research. He comments on every post to see if the guy have what he collects, he himself post every day telling people he collects those players. Seriously, it's exasperating.   

But the quintessence is this; I even saw new collectors asking who are the cheapest players to collect right now but can be profitable in the future and what's the best boxes to buy with the only objective of getting big hits.

Seriously? What happened to the fun of collecting? You clearly don't understand the essence of collecting dear friend.

I picked Bure because he gave me chills each time he touches the puck. The way he loved the game, the way he wanted to score every single time. I couldn't care less if he is collected by an army of die-hard fans, that he his expensive in the hobby...

I picked him because I loved the player. And I'm gonna die with him.

I don't know... Before starting a collection, I think you should ask yourself some questions: How many cards does he have? Is he affordable for my budget? Do I love seeing him play? If you answer yes to these questions, you have yourself the player you need to collect! 

I think today every collector just saw the dollar sign at the end of the card. I saw many collectors being down just because he didn't get a Boeser, McDavid, Matthews, Barzal or a Laine in their boxes, even though he didn't collect him. COME ON MAN! 

Collecting should be a fun hobby, not a business. If you rip packs just to make a profit on your purchase, you didn't choose the right pastime. I rip boxes and sometimes hit nothing, but I don't cry in a corner! I was thrilled to open packs, and maybe I'll be able to help a fellow collector finishing his set or send him cards he didn't have of his player! That's the essence of collecting! 

Also, I know that's not the case of everyone. But it's a common thing among collectors. Last week at the Anti-Expo, I saw REAL collectors. The kind of collectors that went there, checking all the booths in the hope of crossing some of their list, which they bring. 

But you know what? Who do you think they bring at the expo? You guessed it right again: McDavid, Barzal, Laine, Matthews and Boeser, plus Lemieux, Gretzky, Roy, Brodeur and Habs player. I don't blame them though, that's the way the hobby is right now and they need to put bread and butter on their table too...

Ok, I feel better now.

Happy Sunday everybody, and happy collecting! 😊



  1. Those people aren't really collectors in my opinion, they are flippers looking to make a profit off real collectors. I don't go on the Facebook groups all that much because of it, or sone of the more well known forums. I did a box of this year's Ice today, and I have never heard of either of the two rookies I got...and one plays for a local team! But I am happy because it gives me the opportunity to learn about two more players.

    1. That's the spirit!People should learn the basics of collecting. So often I saw people know nothing about hockey and buy 2015-16 Upper Deck just because they wanna pull a McDavid Young Guns and flipped it for 400 bucks! I even saw someone pull it, say he wanna keep it, and trying to sell it the next day! Ridiculous!

  2. Excellently stated. That's fine with me though - let them fight over the mega mojo hits. That way there's less competition for my niche collections!

    1. Thanks! Yeah me too, I'm a niche collector as you can see, so I'm able to find his cards on groups because of that. Funny story; my last trade with a collector told me he didn't know who he was! Furthermore, he told me if his young guns was in 2015-16! lol