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Saturday, May 26, 2018

1992-93 Pinnacle

Thank you, Pinnacle cards, to let myself be able to distinguish easily the French and the English version of your 1992-93 set.

That being said (thanks to Jimmy Fallon for the idea), the 1992-93 Pinnacle, consisting of 420 standard-size cards, is simple to draw a distinction between the English and the bilingual French version: they don't have the same photo! 

What a treat! 

1992-93 Pinnacle French and English #110
Indeed, the French version depicts Bure in his black Vancouver jersey, while the English version has Bure in his white Canuck sweater. On the back, each version has his proper colors, (respectively magenta and teal). 
These colors came in handy to distinguish the Team Pinnacle insert, because it has no text in this set. According to Score, the odds of finding one is 1:125 packs! The cards were designed by the artist Christopher Greco. 

1992-93 Pinnacle Team Pinnacle French and English #4
Lastly, Team 2000 cards were randomly inserted at a rate of 2:27 super pack. Pinnacle keep the same pattern of his base set by producing a black and white jersey version for the French and English version. 

1992-93 Pinnacle Team 2000 French and English #8
That's it guys! Hope you'll have a great day!


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