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Just a guy showing his passion about hockey cards and for one of the purest goal scorer that ever put skates : Pavel Bure. Hope you guys enjoy!

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Tuesday, August 7, 2018

A nice gesture from Kin Kinsley

The hockey card world never ceases to amaze me.

Let me give you another reason why the hobby is the best in the world and let me talk about Kin Kinsley.

Kin is one of my earliest follower on Twitter. I really enjoy his blog (Bean's Ballcard Blog), where I find some very interesting articles. He was one of my earliest here on this blog too and even if he doesn't know me, he was very supportive, saying that my "passion for the hobby is beautiful to see". 

One day in early May, he posted about a Pavel Bure card that I have, but was very damaged. I purchased my 1998-99 Donruss Elite Promo in a yard sale, along with a bunch of cards for 2$, but all the corners were dinged. 

And he even put some extras! 

I replied to his post saying that his copy was way better than mine, and he says that he will keep up with me. Two weeks ago, he popped on my dm and say "Was about to send this out, but still don't have your address". 

And he didn't ask anything in return.

Yesterday, I received a package from the United-States. I opened it without remebering that I purchased a card from the US and it was his package, along with bases of Bure. This package put a big smile on my face. 

This simple gesture gave me faith in humanity and in the hobby. They're still some very nice people on this planet. And Kin is one of them. Be sure to give a follow on his Twitter account (just click on the link above) and on his website

Thank you Kin, I owe you one!