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Monday, October 8, 2018

International des collectionneurs finds and the 1700th card!

It's a bit late for a Sunday talk, but let's say we are Sunday. 

This weekend was the International des collectionneurs, a card show that unfortunately wasn't the same as his early days. I think it was my third trip and as always, I cannot wait to dig boxes of cards to find new Bures.

I spent 4 hours there and eventually find some new cards for the collection. Thanks to the 2-3 new faces though, because otherwise, I'll be home empty-handed.

You see, the International isn't the card show of his early days. It's always the same people, with the same stock. Nothing new, except the new Tim Horton set. It's kind of sad, because it's the only card show, with the Anti-Expo, in the Montreal area.

Here are my finds at the International
Anyway, it was fun. Met a bunch of people. Talk to them about the hobby and what they collect. 

But the highlight is surely my 1700th Bure card in the collection!!!

And this week, it's the Anti-Expo, and it's gonna be big! Indeed, Upper Deck and COMC will be there, so I expect many new shop and fresh inventory! 


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